I'm Stuart Connolly, a Software Engineer from Edinburgh, Scotland.

I'm a huge proponent of Open Source software and as such consider myself an open source software developer, releasing all my own personal projects under common open source licenses and contributing to popular open source projects. My development interests are in software architecture and general structural design regardless of language. I do however have a particular interest in application development on Mac OS X using Objective-C. My current focus is working on Sequel Pro, a MySQL database management application, which I've been a developer for since November 2008.

Between July 2007 and July 2009 I worked as a Software Engineer for the IT Operations Process, Tool and Solution Integration team at Sun Microsystems. While there, I helped design, develop and maintain a range of internal software applications and tools to help Sun run smoothly. Since leaving Sun, I've completed my studies while working as an independent software developer providing consultancy services. I currently hold a software engineer position in a privately held company specialising in the financial services industry.

The Site

The site is basically a place for me to manage my own personal projects as well as post random stuff relating to development and open source software.


Colophon is defined as:

"An inscription placed usually at the end of a book, giving facts about its publication." #

stuconnolly.com is powered by a custom content management system (CMS), written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database. Initially based on Serve, but later re-written from scratch to be more lightweight and efficient, the source code of which is freely available under version 3 of the GPL. If you would like to know how something works, just ask.

The site is managed and coded using TextMate and kept up to date using Transmit and rsync from the terminal all on Mac OS X. Hosting is managed and provided by a custom configured LAMP stack on a Linode VPS.


The opinions expressed on this site are the personal views of Stuart Connolly only, and do not represent the views or policies of any other person, company or organisation.