Two posts in one day, that's definitely a first for me. To be honest though I wouldn't expect it to continue. I could say that I'm going to try and post more often (like on the many occasions before), but I'm willing to bet that anyone that's every started a blog has said that at least once. Plus we'd both know that I'd effectively be lying.

Anyway, after venting my anger/frustration earlier today about the Digital Economy Bill being passed through Parliament, I thought I'd mention that I turned 23 today. I thought about writing a huge post about how much I'd learnt and all the mistakes that I'd made over the past year as well as what I plan to do over the next year and all that crap until I realised that I probably wouldn't have finished it before I turn 24 judging by the frequency of posts around here as well as my amazing ability to endlessly procrastinate. I'm simply going to say that I hope this coming year is better than the last, in more ways than one.

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Posted April 8th, 2010