This is something that I've wanted to do for a long time and now I finally done it. is the new home of all my software development projects allowing users or anyone else interested to follow the development of any of the hosted projects.

Basically the site is a Subversion/Trac server providing users direct access to the very latest source code (the trunk) as well as a convenient way of browsing the source (using Trac) without having to download it. I've chosen not to allow users to create and submit tickets using Trac as I can quickly see it spiraling out of control. Having said this, I am interested in the feedback, feature requests and bug reports that users provide, so in an attempt to formalise this feedback I've created a relatively straightforward feedback form that simply sends me an email, but also gives the user the option of providing more detailed information. When it comes to bug reports this information is invaluable when identifying and tracking issues. The form intended to be used for any type of feedback regarding any of the projects, be it a bug report, feature request or just your appreciation or thoughts. As well as the feedback page I've also included a quick guide entitled 'Getting Source Code' which is an overview on using Subversion to obtain the very latest source for anyone who hasn't used it before.

Currently the Subversion repositories are only mirrors of the master copies on my local machine, as I don't see the point in having them on a remote server when I'm currently the only developer working on them. They are kept in sync using svnsync which is run every hour to ensure that the very latest revisions are available.

I'm not sure how much the site will be used, but going by the amount of feedback I receive regarding SafariTabs there is definitely a place for it as well as the chance for it to grow into something much bigger. Its also nice to have centralised point for all my development work even if its at the source level to which I can refer people to.

Posted March 16th, 2008