Leaving Sun Microsystems

I've been meaning to write this post for a number of weeks now, so here it finally is. As of June 30th I'm no longer working at Sun Microsystems. I'm not posting this because I believe everyone cares, I expect the opposite that most people reading this will not care, but I believe that I owe it to Sun and those that I worked with while there to show what it meant to me and how extremely grateful I am for the opportunity I was given.

I was only originally only supposed to be at Sun for a year as part of my degree, but as I mentioned a year ago I was given the chance to extend my contract for another year. As I predicted back then, my second year was just as good as the first and in many ways was a lot better. Although I was amazed at the amount of access and responsibility given to me in my first year considering I was technically classed as an intern, having been there for a year and knowing the various systems and practices in use meant my second year only expanded upon this. I was increasingly given the chance to work on bigger and bigger projects and by the end of my two years there I was treated just like any other employee as a core member of our small team, with overall responsibility of my own projects and applications. It were these exact experiences that lead me to learn so much during my time there, both technically and professionally.

Before working at Sun I had great respect for the company and especially admired the work they had done and continue to do so in the open source community. Now, after working for them my respect has only increased having seen their approach and attitude from a different angle, that is, from the inside. A lot of aspects of the company made it an absolute joy to work there, most notably the people (some of the smartest and most talented I know) to the general culture, working attitude and environment. Obviously there were aspects of my job that I didn't particularly like at times, but there were few of them and I wouldn't think twice about going back to work for Sun. I guess I left when the company is going through a lot of changes and I'm interested to see what the future brings to say the least.

Working at Sun has been a huge part of my relatively short career (I'm yet to finish my degree) in IT and I think its been the best possible start I could have had to prepare me for the future. I'm extremely grateful to Sun for giving me, at the time an inexperienced 2nd year student the opportunity, allowing me to work with a lot of great people (most of which have become good friends) and to learn an unimaginable amount about my chosen profession. My experience at Sun is already starting to open up a lot of new opportunities for my future, but I really do miss working there.

Posted July 27th, 2009