SafariTabs 0.5

I've finally got around to releasing SafariTabs 0.5 tonight after many delays. This release is mainly aimed at providing support for Safari 3, which underwent a pretty major update for the release of Leopard and as a result version 0.5 is incompatible with Safari 2, although SafariTabs 0.4.1 is still available.

A few things have been removed, such as the warnings presented when attempting to close a window or quit the application with multiple tabs or windows open, for the simple reason that Safari 3 included support for these features. Ironically, this was the reason I created SafariTabs in the first place but I kind of new support for this would eventually be implemented to be inline with other browsers. The plugin still retains the ability to choose the page newly created tabs should load as well as the tab restore functionality, with the only major new feature being the update mechanism.

The delay in getting around to releasing it was down to the development of a build system that would allow me to build it once and then dump the files on the server without having to mess around with archives and disk images. The aim was to create a system that I could easily integrate with other projects and the final result turned out to be composed of 4 shell scripts, 2 Perl scripts and 1 AppleScript. Anyway, I'll leave that for another post.

Posted January 2nd, 2008