SafariTabs 0.6.3

SafariTabs 0.6.3 is now available for download. I guess I'm a bit slow of the mark at updating it in order to make it compatible with the Safari 4 beta considering its been out since February, but its finally here. Turns out I really started to miss the tab undo support.

As I fully expected, the release of the Safari 4 beta added support for some of the features that SafariTabs provides and I'm sure that future releases will progressively implement more of its features. As SafariTabs was originally created in order to add the features that I personally thought Safari was lacking in comparison to other browsers, its obviously a good thing that Apple is adding them to Safari. Although SafariTabs is really quite stable and as much as I try to keep it this way between Safari releases, there is no guarantee that this will always be the case considering the completely unsupported, discouraged and basically hack-like mechanism that it uses to inject its functionality into Safari. What I'm trying to say, is that its much better if these features are native to Safari itself rather than provided through plugin.

With that said, SafariTabs 0.6.3 is virtually the same as 0.6.2 with the exceptions of being Safari 4 compatiable and the removal of the preference that allows you to specify which page is loaded when new tabs are created. This preference is now provided by Safari along with a few more options than were available in SafariTabs.

Aside from adding Safari 4 compatibilty I was aiming to add a much requested feature, which was to restore the history of a tab that was restored via the undo support. Unfortunately, despite all my efforts I was still unable to figure out a way to do it given the only information I have to go from is Safari's headers which are extracted from its binary.

As usual feeback is always welcome.

Posted April 12th, 2009