SCEvents License

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm re-releasing SCEvents under the MIT License instead of the GPL, allowing greater freedom of its use.

It was always and still is my intention to release all the code I write and projects that I create as open source, with the hope that it may be useful to other developers, but seems that my original choice of the GPL for SCEvents was a little too restrictive. Too restrictive in the sense that it was impossible to use it within commercial software.

To be honest I had never really thought about the different types of license that are available and had always gone with using the GPL just because it seemed the most relevant to projects that could potentially be expanded upon. I guess I overlooked the fact that its significantly easier to re-use SCEvents as part of a larger application being the intended re-usable code that it is, than it is to say rip out non-modular code from a larger project. That and I didn't really expect anyone to use it within a commercial application.