Sequel Pro 0.9.9

Sequel Pro 0.9.9 was released last Friday (July 1st). As with every release, this one includes a huge number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes, especially more so this time considering it's been so long since our last release back in August. As always we're trying to keep to a better and more frequent release schedule in the future, but needless to say, throughout the long periods between releases, Sequel Pro has been and will be (from my point of view) continuously developed and improved.

A few of the major new features and functionality include tab support, allowing you to have multiple connections per window, a new bundle (plugin) system, allowing anyone to extend the application's functionality and a completely redesigned data export system.

The last one on that list is one that I started out doing myself (with a lot of help from the other devs fixing bugs), having detailed my plans for it way back in October 2009 and then subsequently how I got on with the redesign once it was merged back into trunk in May 2010. The reason it's taken so long to see a release is because it was merged back into trunk just after a major release (version 0.9.8) and the release after that only included bug fixes.

As I mentioned before, the redesign didn't exactly go to plan, but I'm happy with how it's turned out and more that happy now that it's been released for everyone test and provide their feedback. The UI is a significant improvement over what it was like before and operationally the architecture is a lot more modular, which should allow us to easily enhance it in the future by implementing support for more export formats.

Overall the response to this release has been amazing, probably our best yet when looking at the emails and the number of donations coming in, so it's been more than worth it. I'm sure a lot of users that aren't aware of the nightly builds thought that project might have died given the time between releases, so hopefully it's been a pleasant surprise and a reminder that's it's definitely still alive.

On a side note, something that I keep meaning to dedicate a an actual post to is the reason why I love open source software and why I spend so much of my spare time involved in it. Aside from continuously learning, I guess the response to this release highlights those reasons; nothing makes it more worthwhile than hearing from users on how much they love the app and how it has become and integral application in their daily workflow.

Posted July 7th, 2011