Sequel Pro and PostgreSQL Support

The aim of the Sequel Pro project, ever since it was created as a fork of the abandoned CocoaMySQL has always been to create the best MySQL client available for OS X. Considering MySQL isn't the only relational database system out there, we've naturally always had requests to support others and with the growing popularity of these other systems, coupled with a rather patchy past for MySQL in recent years, these requests are becoming more frequent. The most popular being support for PostgreSQL, but others include SQLite and even SQL Server.

We've always said that we would eventually support other database systems, but only when we thought the time was right in terms of the application having the feature set that we originally planned and having matured into a stable application (and obviously having the time to work on it). That is, we'd rather support one database system really well and provide the best user experience doing it than provide a half implemented solution and move onto the next. I don't think Sequel Pro would be as popular as it is today had we went with the latter, something that the feedback we get from our users proves.

Anyway, I just thought I'd put that out there to clear a few things up. As well as the great feedback we get, we also get a lot of questions about whether Sequel Pro is still being developed and if (and when) support for PostgreSQL is coming. The fact that we haven't had a release in nearly a year (in fact exactly a year tomorrow on September 4th!) doesn't help things, but Sequel Pro is being actively developed and this is something we hope to address in the very near future. The promised support for PostgreSQL is also starting to draw similarities to TextMate 2 (i.e. it's never going to happen), but we're also going to be changing that too with evidence to support our progress.

So, with our most popular issue by far being to add multiple RDBMS support, and PostgreSQL being the clear favourite among the choices, revision 3793 of Sequel Pro's source marks the first commit of our PostgreSQL framework. Just like we have for MySQL we need a framework in order to handle all of the database specific connectivity and interfaces. The framework is by no means feature complete with several major features currently missing. These include support for PostgreSQL's asynchronous query API, improved data type handling and the same awesome connection handling and monitoring that Rowan added to our MySQL framework.

Also, please note that this is just the framework, it's not connected to the rest of the Sequel Pro application in any way yet (and might be a little while before it is) so don't expect to suddenly be able to connect to PostgreSQL servers if your using the nightly builds. This is obviously not an announcement of immediate support, but more of a showing of our future intentions to finally add PostgreSQL support to Sequel Pro