Switch, Three Weeks Late

Well it turns out that the little break I took from developing Switch turned out to last longer than I had originally intended which has resulted in the first public beta now being 3 weeks late (well, according to my trac installation).

I initially set the milestone shown when I'd just finished uni for the year back in early June and I had a whole month to basically work on Switch before I started at Sun. Over the month I made a lot of progress (how wouldn't you working on a single project for a solid month) in that I ended up re-writing nearly all the crapy code I already had from when I was in the process of learning Objective-C and the Cocoa and Carbon frameworks.

Switch 0.1 Roadmap

The thing is, is that once I had completed the re-write of the front end, which was mostly the GUI as well as some of the application's model and means of data store, I started to constantly put of the task of integrating the app's back end. Basically, I wrote most of Switch's back end as a separate project months before finishing the re-write of the GUI so I could implement all the nice design patterns that I had learnt about. The aim of doing this was that the resulting back end would be completely independent of the modal and view, then it could simply be plugged into the rest of the code and everything would just work.

Well, I know from experience that things usually don't just work, especially when it comes to software development and thats what I was afraid off. I had spent a whole month working on getting Switch to a resonably stable state I just didn't want to add a huge chuck of code only for it to break the entire app instead of enhance it by providing its main piece of functionality.

Switch Timeline

I never got around to doing this before I started work at Sun, which is going great except it has greatly reduced the time I'm spending on my projects. According to trac the last commit of changes I made to Switch's code base was just over a month ago on the 18th of August as I've spent the month developing Serve's last release as well as all the custom stuff for this site. As soon as the finishing tocuhes are made to these two side projects then I'll start working on Switch again.